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In Words

Hayds Brown Photography

That surge of joy and adrenaline I get when on my bike racing down a
steep mountain is hard to explain…   The feeling of euphoria
transcends into my photography when I behold a new canvas in front of
me.  I translate what I feel tangibly when documenting a happy couple
or capturing an adrenaline junky in mid air.  It is an addicting and
very satisfying profession that I share with my girlfriend Carla. [Blessed

I am very nostalgic when it comes to discovering someone or
something’s unique story and then recreating a new one, beautifully.
The smell of good coffee, old wood and the exploring of new terrain
excites me, but even when I sit down in the warm winter sun with a
good ‘ol bag of dried peaches I find myself happy and very much

I’ve labelled myself as Hayds Brown Photography, and am based in Pretoria South Africa. However I travel all over the country (and was privileged enough to do a shoot in the UK last year with Carla!).

If you would like to share your story with me or let me help you
recreate your story, drop me a line at info@haydsbrownphotography.com

Looking forward to our convo!

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Just In!

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The Archives

Freedom Challenge 2015

HaydsBrown Photography @ The Freedom Challenge 2015, a grueling journey by bike from Pietermaritzburg Kwa Zulu Natal across South Africa down to Cape Town, Western Cape

PYGA Industries Helicopter Trip

We went on a little Helicopter trip with Rockslide MTB tours in the Drakensberg Berg. Join Hilton Frost, Mike Frost, Patrick Morewood, Hayden Brown and Alex Bramely as they do some exploring along rough natural cattle track not normally accessible without a pilot. Get to the chopper!

Scott Factory Racing at Mankele National #3

Capturing the Scott Factory Racing in action is a great privilege i've got to do this year, getting to know the team and what they plan to achieve as they compete nationally and internationally has been a great privilege. The Mankele national played host to an exciting event as the countries top MTB athletes battled it out on a fast and technical track.

PYGA Industries Trail Daze

The PYGA Industries Trail daze is a weekend away at the well know mountain biking destination for most South African mountain bikers- The Karkloof Mountain Bike Trails. 3 days of mountain bike fun were enjoyed by 15+ eager "trail" riders. Detour Trails provide an incredible service as hosts of the event which kept the smiles on our faces- long after the trails were ridden, with hearty food and very comfortable camping facilities. Shenanigans and a whole lot of banter kept the true spirit of mountain biking flying high- whilst all got the chance to ride the bike of their choice and try out the wide range of PYGA demos waiting to be handled! True to form the PYGA guys had their latest creation ready and waiting for a bunch of bike lovers to drool over, the all New Prototype Carbon Stage!

Scott Factory Racing- 2015 ABSA Cape Epic (Day 1-7)

I was given the privilege of capturing The SCOTT Factory Racing Team- Powered by LCB at the 2015 ABSA Cape Epic. The experience was incredible! These athletes are true champions and being able to capture these moments in motion and having the resources to share it with you gives me great pleasure!

ABSA Cape Epic- Scott Factory Racing (Day 1)

Day 1 of the Cape Epic started off with a BANG! Team 1&2 of SCOTT Factory Racing powered by LCB set off with an excited crowd behind them and conquered the prologue crossing the line (Team 1- Philip Buys & Matthys Beukes 10th) and (Team 2- Gert Heyns & Arno du Toit 14th)

Nikon Photo Walk with “I See A Different You”

I had the privilege of photographing and filming the launch of the new Nikon D5500 camera on a Nikon photo walk in Johannesburg CBD hosted by the super talented “I See A Different You”- A Photography trio collective from Soweto, portraying Africa the way they see it.

Suzuki 4×4 Day

Taking the opportunity to snap some images whilst on a 4x4 trail with 35 other Suzuki 4x4's (mostly Jimny's) I was never going keep the camera in the bag! And I'm glad I didn't! Having never shot a 4x4 day I soon realised that as soon as you think you have time to setup and shoot a few of the vehicles, it's time to move on!

JP and Cole – Titanium Designs

Titanium Designs is a custom clothing manufacturing company with a proudly South African approach to catering to MX,BMX,DH MTB,XC and a whole lot more disciplines. I was given the task of photographing JP du Plessis and Cole de Ridder in their new riding kit. They have recently joined forces and will be racing as Team Titanium Designs at the National Downhill events as well as enduro races. I photographed these images over a period of 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed capturing the two riders in a way that I felt best represented my style, their style and Titanium designs.

139 Fun Race

A fun race hosted by the du Plessis family offered an opportunity for the Gauteng Downhill community to gather at “139” for a weekend of shuttles and good riding. The weather provided for a fast and dry track which had recently been worked on to cater for quick and easy shuttling. Well done to the guys who attended and It was great to see so many new faces.

Jaquar Experience

WOWSA!! What a day, 4laps in an F-type whilst on the job is one way to spend a paid workday! My job rocks! Anything with wheels an the ability to gain momentum I’m game… I was given the opportunity to capture a day of speed and enjoyment that Jaguar Land Rover Centurion Hosted at Redstar Raceway just outside Johannesburg. Guest were invited to test out the range of cars provided by Jaguar and Land Rover and much fun was had.

Downhill MTB

JP du Plessis (AKA Man Child) presented himself as a perfect subject to create “A Riders Bio”. It was the first time I tested the Nikon Remote Flash System at high shutter speeds and it worked perfectly! Thank you JP for your enthusiasm and keeping at it to get the shots we wanted.

Makro Golf Day

Having never photographed Golf as a subject, I had the opportunity to shoot two golf days in two days and I can say that it's not the easiest event to photograph. Considering that it is always going to be a long day and the lighting conditions won’t always be in your favour, shooting a Golf event requires a bit of patience as well as anticipation - because you never know where the darn ball is going to land! Make sure you have a Golf Cart that can get you from one place to another quickly.

SAAF Airshow

A chance for guests to try out a big range of Nikon South Africa’s top cameras and lenses, the annual SAAF air show demonstrated a spectacular array of acrobatic flying. The perfect subjects for guests to photograph! I had the job of capturing the overall activities of the day and enjoyed the opportunity immensely.

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